Sponsorship Phantom Athletics

Dear fans and friends, I can proudly present my new sponsor Phantom Athletics. This sports brand has designed a new training mask which brings altitude training to a whole new level. From personal experience I can truly say this has been a new key to my conditioning during my training sessions. Next to the training mask, we are working together with Phantom Athletics to bring out a whole new range of signature clothing. For more info about this great brand, go to


Best Wishes for 2017

Dear fans and friends, 2016 has been a nice year. After 180 fights in Kickboxing, Shootboxing and K-1, I fought my last kickboxing fight in April against Mo Khamal. We agreed on a second match, but it seems it won´t be in 2017, while I already have a busy schedule. Since last April, I have been living my MMA dream in RIZIN. Training every day to learn a whole new game to reach my ultimate goal.  One day I hope to be a lightweight division champion and be as successful as I was in K-1 and Shootboxing. At this moment I am in Tokyo preparing for my fight against Kazuyuki Miyata…..


My fight with Mohamed Khamal

My possible last fight was really exciting. I felt the excitement all day and when the moment to step into the ring was there,  I could not wait to do my thing and succeed.  Although I could not stick to my game plan which was making long combinations. I forced Mohamed back with single strikes and kicks. I can only say I picked the right guy for an important fight like this. I wanted to put up a good fight and it takes two to deliver. Mohamed tried to chase me down from the beginning, but I kept close and kept the pace. Round 1 and 2 were very close, but in…..



People often ask me: ´how do you keep fit?´ My secret is training, be careful with what I eat and PH 9 PLUS! PH 9 plus is alkaline water. It keeps the acidity of my body in the right values. It makes me feel fit, keeps me healthy and I feel much stronger. It is not wonder water, it is a very good instrument for me and many others to feel fit and strong. I will not wear you out with a story about how PH value and acidity works for your body and health. I will not wear you out by telling you stories about how PH 9 PLUS…..





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